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rapidindex email marketing & management solution empowers you to take advantage of the most powerful communication medium today - email. Email marketing is essential as part of any website's marketing plan. Marketing Era can analize and deploy site or network wide solutions to process email collection, management, analysis and ongoing maintenance of your database.

Email marketing is the best way to expand your brand past your Website. You can communicate personally with each of your prospects and customers. It all starts with a strong strategy to taken advantage of the many access points visitor have for requesting more information or personal contact. Web-based email marketing lets you target the right recipients email marketing can make millions of people who were previously oblivious to your Website's existence qualified visitors and, most importantly, customers. The first step is capturing valuable email address of your web site visitor, everyday - 24 hours. This will help build your database which you will use each month to market your casino - then we can segment you many web site to capture specific segments of players, ie. pokers, gamblers, keno, bingo players, etc. This all according to the site their email was capture on - we will help you create a monthly plan that will automate the process of sending monthly offers to email database.

Email Marketing Services include:
Data capture across your network of web sites
Custom HTML email reply for all web sites in your network
Unified strategy and monthly mailer for each segment setup
HTML email or newsletter design
Contest Site Design to capture more emails

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